Custom OSTicket Bootstrap Theme – Rovio

Rovio is a custom osTicket bootstrap theme. Since  Rovio is powered by bootstrap it is fully responsive for all kind of devices.devices. Rovio got a beautiful modern design which will help you customers with a better user experience.  This is based on version 1.9.12 .Only the client section of the ost is themed. Rovio is build on top of bootstrap framework.You will get free updates to rovio when a new version comes out.

You can create an account to check all the client section.





OS ticket responsive bootstrap theme

OS ticket responsive bootstrap theme



  • The Master

    Incredible, nothing similar to all the other miserable osticket bootstrap themes I’ve seen so far !

  • hamid jamal

    Hi, is there any clear instructions on how to install the theme?

  • Laven Pillay

    Hi, nice design.
    PS : Your “Download” link should probably say “Buy” so its clear that its a commercial product.