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Mizmore ia free high quality free wordpress theme from Chrisamdesigns .This  wordpress theme got a beautiful design .This is built with features like custom menu, featured thumbnail, theme option panel, Flex slider.. This is a premium quality wordpress theme.
You can just download it for free from here and Have Fun!

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Free hign quality wordpress theme

Free high quality wordpress theme mizmore

Thank You For Downloading Mizmore
Wordpress Theme

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  • Иван Капитанов

    hi. can i left the picture in post small?

    • dede

      im too

  • Иван Капитанов

    and not working in my tamplate. no sign appear

    • chrisamdesigns

      Hi, please give me your url ..

      • Иван Капитанов

        the problem is solved. I made changes in style.css in ol,ul {list-style: none;}. ol was deleted, ul was stated directly in post code. But i dont know how i can paste in my post small images and leave them small.
        And i have no url. I am testing theme in localhost

  • http://twitter.com/hakunaMOEtata .monica

    For some reason, the images wont show on my theme or come up in my image slider although I have the right category picked for the slider. I’m not sure what’s wrong.

    • chrisamdesigns

      Hi, Monica please give me your url.

  • Joel

    Hi Chris, i love your work: for some reason am trying to have the template run from the localhost but am getting the error Call to undefined function get_header() in C:wampwwwMizmore1.0index.php on line 1. iv checked on everything but all seems ok except the error.

    • chrisamdesigns

      Thanks Joel Sounds like you tried editing the theme. Just replace it with a fresh copy . If the problem still exists, check all the plugins you installed . Remove all unwanted plugins . Those might have bugs in it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jifin.james.3 Jifin James

    I am a great fan of ChrisamDesigns, I got inspiration from your works , now I am really looking forward to do this kind of works . Cheers

  • HZ

    Hi Chris, excellent template but how do I remove some of the social icons on the top as I do not use Digg and Flickr etc?


    • chrisamdesigns

      Open header.php and go to line 42 where the social ul starts. Delete any line you want to remove (line 45-50).

      • HZ

        Thank you Chris!

      • HZ

        Hi again Chris, I was unable to locate the social ul in header.php.

        • HZ

          I have located it, it was actually from line 87 onwards 🙂

          • HZ

            And for the most bizarre reason. It has gone back to line 41. My editor must have gone crazy. Thanks again Chris!

  • Pankaj

    The theme is not complete… When I upload it not working at my URL..

  • Kara Goldfarb


    I recently downloaded the Mizmore theme for my blog. While I
    really love the layout and color scheme, I do have a couple of questions:

    How do I create thumbnail images for the posts?
    When I try to use the “featured image” option, it repeats that image at the top
    of each post.

    All of my older posts are buried. For example,
    in order to see my first post, the user would have to click on its
    corresponding category and find it. Is there a button that I can add that would
    say “show all posts” or something to that effect?

  • jaja

    re upload pleace.. this error script..?